Doing Business in the UK

When expanding your business to the UK market, experienced advisors who understand your business and the challenges it faces will be the key to your success.

Setting Up a Business in the UK - An Introduction

With over 30 years’ experience providing business consultancy to foreign businesses expanding to the UK market, we have a proven track record of servicing clients across the globe. From the West Coast of the USA to New Zealand – ranging from multinational brands to company start-ups – this extensive experience makes our business consultancy a valuable asset for expansion to the UK market.

Some of the key questions to ask your advisors are;

  • What’s going on in the UK specific to my product or service?
  • How can I de-risk my entry into the UK? Perhaps by establishing some certainty that my product or service will sell and that I can reduce the  time to launch to a minimum?
  • Are you able to open the doors to potential clients quickly and successfully?
  • Is it possible to achieve a low-cost, flexible entry into the UK with my product/service?
  • Can you help me open banking facilities easily and quickly to help me become operational as soon as possible?

We provide early stage financial advice that enables inbound businesses to manage the risk of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). We understand that what you need in the beginning is different to what you need when you are well-established: we make it our job to evolve with you.

We have a dedicated team of more than 10 expert professionals who focus on this sector, including French, German, Spanish, Polish and Greek speakers. We have published guides to UK market entry in these languages.

Our Entering the UK Market Expertise


We are surprisingly innovative for accountants. We find this to be a great fit for tech companies, who want to use the latest technology in all facets of the business.

Financial Services

In the highly regulated world of financial services, quality and timeliness of information are paramount.  You need reliable advisors who use reliable systems.


For a growing retail business, integrating operations with finance can be a real challenge. We enjoy solving these problems for our clients.

A Guide to Doing Business in the UK

A Guide for Businesses Preparing for Brexit

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