Dominique Dudley

“A racing book, some tips, and a trifecta: just some of the ways ECJ show they care!”

Dominique Dudley is proud to be something of an office mum at ECOVIS Clark Jacobs. Joining the firm as an administrator after her children finished school, one of Dominique’s roles at ECJ is the event organiser.

Events are a key part of the culture at ECOVIS Clark Jacobs and this organisational aspect of her job is what Dominique most enjoys. Charged with organising and implementing both the social events and the professional development workshops, training and certification schedules, Dominique is kept busy in the best way. “The firm invests a lot in both the on-going development of its staff and also the culture,” shares Dominique. “They try to make both as easy and enjoyable as possible and there is, quite literally, something for everyone.”

Whilst many organisations claim to care, ECJ walks the talk. “They are always interested in what opportunities individuals want to explore in their career, and endeavour to make it happen,” she continues. “There is a lot of respect here, respect for the directors and respect for everyone’s role in contributing to the overall success.”

And in case further proof that they will go above and beyond was required, Dominique mentioned to one of the directors that she was off to the races. The next minute the racing enthusiast had given her a racing book, some tips, talked her through how it works, and that weekend Dominique left the races the lucky winner of a trifecta!

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