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If you run a business in Australia, then tax is likely one of your biggest outgoings.  If you can legally minimise the amount of tax that you pay, this difference goes straight to your business bottom line.  Additionally, we have seen many businesses come unstuck because they have received unexpected tax bills that have wreaked havoc on their cashflow.

The best tax strategies do not happen after the event, so we work proactively with our clients to ensure that:

  • They are not paying more tax than they legally are obliged to.
  • They are aware of and can plan for any upcoming tax liabilities so that there are never any “surprises”.
  • Our clients can sleep at night knowing that their tax affairs are in order and compliant.

We provide a comprehensive suite of tax services for individuals, families and businesses at all life stages. We have some specific areas of expertise that are often sought by our clients.

Medical, Dental and Allied Health

Our Directors have each worked extensively with members of the medical, dental and allied health profession for over 20 years.  We’ve advised on hundreds of practice purchases, sales, start-ups and household name corporates.  We’ve worked with business in their infancy, growth and retirement phases and are passionate about seeing them succeed.

We understand that there are many peculiarities of the medical and dental professions that mean that specialist accounting advice will make the difference for you in each stage of your professional journey.  We have the runs on the board to help make your business a success. 

Capital Gains

Selling your business or property is a big decision and you want to ensure that you maximise what you receive.  We work closely with our clients to structure their sale transactions to ensure that they take advantage of all available Australian Taxation Office concessions to retain as much as possible from the sale proceeds.

International Tax Capability

Tax agreements between Australia and most major countries act to avoid double taxation. However, there are still many complexities that can affect the tax obligations of foreign residents doing business in Australia, as well as Australians doing businesses overseas. Our international taxation experts provide specialist advice to companies and individuals, including:

  • The complex question of tax residency and domicile.
  • The impact of different Visa classes on your tax status.
  • Determining whether income earned from offshore employment and/or income generated by offshore assets, will be captured in the Australian tax net.
  • The impact of Australian capital gains tax on assets you hold in offshore jurisdictions as well as in Australia.

Expatriate Tax Capability

We provide tailored tax services for expatriates in accordance with both Australian and foreign tax legislation. As well as preparing the Australian income tax return of foreign residents, our team can advise on numerous issues including tax planning strategies, tax liabilities and compliance.  We work with you to establish the best possible financial solution for your specific needs.

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