International Expansion & Resident Director Services

Starting a Business in Australia

For offshore companies wanting to set up operations in Australia it is important to select an adviser who has experience in setting up the right structure for your operations in Australia. Any adviser who you choose must be across all of the complex legislation that your new business must comply with, whilst being pragmatic that they are dealing with a local company in its start-up phase.

At ECOVIS Clark Jacobs we have assisted many foreign companies establish their Australian and New Zealand operations. From incorporating the trading structures through to tax registrations, insurance and resident director services, we have a wealth of knowledge and can, along with our allied advisers, provide you with complete solutions.

If you are thinking of starting business in Australia, we can assist with:

  • Establishing an Australian corporate structure, including managing the applications for various taxation registrations with the Australian Taxation Office;
  • Resident Director services;
  • Company Secretarial services;
  • The financial reporting obligations;
  • Taxation services;
  • The formulation of a business plan and budget for your new subsidiary;
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting;
  • Outsourced finance, admin and payroll function.

Resident Director Services

Under the Australian Corporations Act (2001), a proprietary company registered in Australia must have at least one director that is an Australian resident. 

In the event that our non-resident clients are unable to identify a resident Australian director, ECOVIS Clark Jacobs can provide nominee resident director services to satisfy this requirement, subject to certain pre-conditions being met.

Expanding Overseas

We have had the opportunity to work with many of our clients to assist them in expanding their business outside of Australia.  International expansion requires understanding of the local corporations, governance and taxation laws of the new country you are launching your business in. 

Our membership within the Ecovis International network means that we can provide you with local contacts in the country you are expanding into. This allows your Australian and international advisers to work collaboratively to ensure that your business is legally compliant across all jurisdictions. 

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