International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! #IWD

In celebration of International Women’s Day today March 8th, Ecovis Clark Jacobs takes this opportunity to highlight the successes of women at the forefront of our industry. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea with inspirational words from ECJ Auditor Vana Dekermenjian about the history and purpose of the day.

Alison Lacey, one of our female Directors, also provided some insight into her accounting career and being a woman in leadership:

What is it like being a woman within the accounting industry?

Over the years, I’ve seen the growth   of women in professional practice to a point where in our firm, women well outnumber the men.  In professional practice things like equality of pay, work life balance and career progression are not only available for women but expected.  The type of work we do easily allows you to structure roles to accommodate time off for having a family and still progress your career. I’ve enjoyed a successful career as an accountant and business advisor in professional practice. I’ve had two children, been able to have time off on maternity leave, worked part-time, had lots of flexibility over the years and have a career that has kept growing and been personally satisfying.

If you could give younger graduate-accountants some career advice, what would it be?

I was asked to give some career advice to younger accountants for International Women’s Day.  My advice is to go to the office, don’t work from home. When you’re in the office, you are seen and included by others more than if you’re not. You hear conversations and are party to discussions where you learn both technical and social skills. You pick up things by observation that you cannot learn at home. Be present at work and expect to do a hard day’s work.

See Alison’s professional profile to find out more about her background and experience.

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