Jean Fan

“We work better at ECOVIS Clark Jacobs because we never have to worry about our working relationships. We know we are supported.”

Jean Fan has been with ECJ for more than five years and is still impressed by the level of professionalism that is combined with a friendly and supportive atmosphere. She describes her colleagues as ‘both friends and mentors’, people who both work extremely hard and allow for flexibility when it’s required.

Jean joined ECJ when she was looking for more opportunities to develop her career with a focus on the medical industry. When she joined, ECJ was one of the few specialist medical industry firms. While ECJ has grown and expanded, their specialist expertise in this field has also developed and strengthened over time.

“People work hard here, and the leaders appreciate hard work,” says Jean. “They also believe in rewarding hard work and success and provide many opportunities for promotion and professional development.”

When not at work, you might find Jean sailing, hiking or hanging out with friends. She hopes one day soon she can return to her homeland, China, to visit family and reconnect over a meal at a family favourite restaurant.

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