Sweet Things on Fridays Make ECJ Super Special!

Delia Zhou was promoted at the start of this FY to Supervisor. We asked her what she liked about working at ECJ?

“Our firm culture is fantastic – we have a lot of social events and every Friday, we have sweet things. I really love Fridays,” she says. “It’s not too strict a work environment, it’s easy to get help from others and discuss ideas.  We help each other out. It is a very, very, happy environment.”

Delia has two young children and freely admits that sometimes, her days are out of control! These are the times she most values the support that she gets from the Directors of the firm.

“They allow me to have flexible hours so that I can balance my life. Last year, I was working part time to get my youngest child up and running and now, I am back to full time. It was a simple as that.”

Delia loves that there is always opportunity to grow in the firm – new things to learn.  The work is neither too simple nor repetitive.

She says that her Director, Scott Hogan-Smith is very encouraging. She likes that she gets clear guidance from him on her goals and what she needs to do to achieve them.  Everyone is working as a team.

During lock down, Delia has loved the frequent catch ups to keep connected, sharing each other’s personal lives more and getting to know her team mates better.

What are her highlights?  Making clients happy, helping clients through COVID, being prompt and giving them confidence to work through it.

“The reason we succeed is we are not just simply doing a service, we put ourselves in our client’s shoes and I think that they appreciate that.”

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