The Commitment to On-going Learning, Job Training and Upskilling is a Big Part of the Firm

Finding an organisation that prioritises the personal and professional growth of its employers can be difficult.  ECOVIS Clark Jacobs is one of the rare ones.  They are proud of their commitment to a variety of professional development programs from industry specific courses to broader personal growth opportunities.

Emily Xu joined ECOVIS Clark Jacobs four years ago after moving to Sydney from Melbourne and has been impressed with the access to learning that has been actively encouraged.  And not only from formal programs.  “The partners and managers at ECJ take a really active role in guiding and teaching the people that join the firm,” says Emily.  “They have been supportive and patient and allowed me to learn.  This has given me confidence.”

For the team at ECJ, confidence is key.  It is an organisation built on professionalism, integrity, and trust.  Clients trust that their affairs are handled professional and ECJ trust that each member of their team will play their part.

“The biggest lesson for me,” says Emily “has been to follow the logic.  My manager and partner have ensured that every time I face a problem that I do not know the answer to, I am equipped to apply past learnings and logic to come to a solution.”

ECJ operates an open-door policy.  Partners, directors, and managers genuinely have their doors open to allow for questions, advice, and guidance.  The result – a team of skilled, committed and confident employees who strive to deliver optimal outcomes to all their clients’ needs.

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