They Never Give Up on You!

“I have been working with Elissa and Ecovis Clark Jacobs for more than 8 years now and it so nice to still hear that she (and the firm) values my work – I was beside myself when I was promoted!”, says Thu Nguyen who was recently promoted to the role of Associate Director.

Thu had sought to work for a firm that had great training and mentoring – from external sources and on the job. And she found just that with ECJ.

“It’s a very encouraging culture here. There really is no competitiveness, everyone is open.  You are never afraid to ask anything.  There are no ‘dumb’ questions.”

She finds all the team to be so supportive.

“They just don’t give up on you.  If it doesn’t work this way – the team says, ‘let’s try another way!’.  Everyone in the firm does whatever they can to find the best solution and that’s deep within the culture.”

“The support comes from all levels. At ECJ, you can rely on your peers, that is why they are there. Everyone has the time for you.  If I go to another team and ask for help, they are more than happy to sit there for half an hour of their time and talk you through how to do something better.  And that ultimately benefits our clients. That’s why I’ve chosen to build my career at this firm.”

Thu’s Highlights?

“I really value the friendships that I have made at work – they have become some of my nearest and dearest friends. Through COVID we have even got closer. I love that!”

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