Twenty Years and Counting. Why I Am Not Going Anywhere

In 2021 it is a rare thing to stay at one organisation for 20 years.  We are constantly told that we can expect to move firms often and have several careers and employers, where our parents and grandparents had one or two.  But for Kallie Lam, ECOVIS Clark Jacobs has been home for two decades and counting.

Kallie Lam joined what is now ECOVIS Clark Jacobs 20 years ago when it was a sole trader.  In those 20 years the firm has merged, grown, and become part of the global ECOVIS network, but, according to Kallie, its essence remains.

“It’s a culture built on trust, loyalty and strong work ethic,” says Kallie.  “While the firm has changed a lot in my time, I remain committed to David and all the team, because I can not imagine a place where I would feel more valued and more stimulated.”

According to Kallie change is good.  She has not sought to change employers because at ECJ she finds all the variety she needs.  Each year she discusses her goals for the future and is encouraged to think about areas of the business she might want to explore.  The firm then endeavours to increase her exposure those areas, encouraging growth and development.

“Since I have been at ECJ, I have also had two children,” she says.  “Achieving a work life balance is a really important aspect of the culture here.  It is understood that everyone has a life outside of work that takes attention and priority sometimes.  We support each other, look after each other and celebrate each other and that is a great way to build loyalty.  Why would I leave?”

Why, indeed.

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