When You Walk In The Door, You Feel It. It Feels Right.

Kirsten McGuire joined Ecovis Clark Jacobs 12 months ago.  We sat down with her to find out what she liked about working at ECJ.

“It feels like it was meant to be,” is how Kirsten describes getting her job at ECJ. “I was struggling to find a job when I moved to Australia with my family.   This job description was actually sent to a friend, but was part-time and she was looking for a full-time role.  By the time I looked into it, the search was closed.  But fate stepped in, and they agreed to meet me and two weeks later, I was here.  Ready to go.

Throughout, I was struck by how seamless the process was, how inclusive and engaging everyone was.  Every step of the way, I was reminded of  how much value is placed on culture at ECJ.  From the top down, everyone is invested in the culture, and in making it a great place to work.  Everyone here is treated with respect, regarded as an individual and celebrated for the diversity they bring to the firm.  Milestones are marked, occasions are celebrated and celebrated with sincerity.”

Hailing from South Africa and having spent 10 years working in Dubai, Kirsten wondered whether she would have much in common with her colleagues at ECJ.  She needn’t have worried. “The world is small and Australia is not as remote as perhaps I first imagined.  The team at ECJ are diverse, worldly, well-travelled (well, before Covid) and curious.  In this group there are so many shared experiences, shared curiosities and shared interests.  For those of us without family in the next suburb, and facing the further uncertainty of when we might see off-shore family members, ECJ is our community, where we feel included and supported and inspired to do our best work.”

When not working from her kitchen table, Kirsten is a wife and mother, and like many, just trying to keep everyone on track in these uncertain times.

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